Data and forecasts for the 16 regions

Construction market in Poland 2024-2029 – analysis of 16 regions

The report is a comparative analysis of statistical data and forecasts for the 16 regions of Poland. It can be a valuable solution for reporting, budgeting and strategic planning in regional terms. Five-year forecasts for the three segments of the construction market are an important component of the report.

The report contains a wide range of data describing differences in prevailing conditions within three major construction segments (residential, non-residential and civil engineering) in each of the various voivodeships, along with lists of new and upcoming projects.

To prepare forecasts used in the report, we draft a list of almost 1,000 projects that will make the biggest contribution to future economic developments in the construction markets locally across the country. The study is focused on the top 60 projects in each of the voivodships: 30 building construction projects and 30 civil engineering projects. The value of investment projects in subsequent rounds of the report is an important leading indicator as to the expected growth of construction and assembly output.


What you can find in the report:

  • Five-year regional forecasts for the construction market prepared using a coherent methodology
  • Five-year macroeconomic forecasts for individual voivodships
  • Regional construction output generation by small (up to 10 employees) and larger (more than 9 employees) construction companies
  • Regional construction output by location where the work is performed
  • Total construction output as well as data broken down into residential, non-residential, and civil engineering construction segments
  • Detailed profiles for all voivodships
  • Complete SWOT analyses for each region
  • Investment plans of GDDKiA and PKP PLK in all regions
  • Regional infrastructure density in several segments per 1,000 population
  • Number of active construction companies.



Key issues addressed in the report

  • Total construction and assembly in each voivodship
  • Regions reporting growth in the value of construction work completed in the recent years
  • Regions poised to boost their contribution to GDP and share in the value of the construction market in the coming years
  • Our forecasts for the growth in the value of the construction market in regions in the next five years
  • Regions with a significant market share in civil engineering, residential, and non-residential construction
  • Opportunities and risks for individual regions
  • Regions that can receive most EU funds in 2021-2027
  • Regions reporting the strongest increases in construction permits in individual sub-segments of the construction market last year
  • Regions with most single-family houses built vs. regions with multi-dwelling buildings
  • Regions with the highest ratio of existing flats and houses per 1,000 of population
  • Regions where the largest civil engineering projects are planned and those which will have the biggest building projects
  • The value of top 60 projects in each voivodship in the last six years
  • Regions recording growth in terms of share in total value of the largest projects planned in Poland
  • How the ongoing boom in e-commerce drives the situation in warehouse construction across individual regions
  • Regions benefitting the most from nearshoring and friendshoring trends
  • Impact of Intel’s project on the value of construction market in Dolnoslaskie
  • Regions most affected by long-term energy transition processes in Poland
  • Effect of the projected growth of renewable energy sources on construction activity in individual regions
  • Regions with the highest number of major railway projects planned
  • Regions with national roads of the best/worst technical quality
  • Voivodships with the largest volume of projects falling within the scope the Government-Led National Road Construction Programme
  • Regions with the largest hydro engineering projects planned and projects most likely to be implemented
  • Regions expected to see the strongest growth in capital expenditure on military construction projects
  • Regions with the longest sewage and water networks per 1,000 of population
  • Regions with construction companies earning the highest margins
  • Number of construction companies existing in individual voivodships
  • Regions with the highest ratio of construction companies per 10,000 of population.


Key application of the report for business operations

  • Strategic planning or budgeting for regions
  • Setting sales targets for individual regions
  • Identifying regions representing the biggest sales growth potential
  • Planning expansion to new regions
  • Strengthening company’s presence in selected regions
  • Monitoring market at the regional level
  • Trying to identify new partners for collaboration in selected voivodships
  • Preparing internal regional reports.


Segments and subsegments covered by this report:

  • Residential construction:
  • Single-family housing
  • Multi-dwelling buildings
  • Non-residential construction:
  • Hotel construction
  • Office construction
  • Retail and service construction
  • Transport and communications buildings
  • Industrial and warehouse construction
  • Public building construction
  • Other non-residential buildings
  • Civil engineering construction:
  • Road construction
  • Railway construction
  • Hydro engineering
  • Transmission construction
  • Water and sewage construction
  • Power engineering and heavy industry construction.


In addition to information about the largest investment projects in individual regions that can be found in the report, you can rely on the "Database of top 3000 construction projects in Poland" which we are updating on a quarterly basis.

A more detailed analysis of the local conditions in individual voivodships can be found in custom-tailored database named "Construction market in Poland – overview of 380 counties".

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